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The Austrian Cultural Society

The Austrian Cultural Society ( Austrian Club Melbourne ) was founded in 1944 and is dedicated to maintain the connection to Austria, its culture and traditions. Originally set up to provide help to Austria at the end of the war, with the big influx of migrants in the early 50s and 60s, it became quickly the club for the Austrians and Friends of Austria as a meeting place. Today the club is a busy thriving club on 2 acres of beautifully maintained parkland which caters for both, the older migrants as well as the younger, often Australian born generations. Many of these will want to keep in touch with the rich historical and cultural heritage, stretching from the ice ages to the modern successor of a thousand year old empire.

Objectives of the Society - A very brief and selective summary

  • To make known and promote Austrian culture in Australia with particular emphasis on Austrian music, Arts and Cuisine.
  • To help enable children and young people to participate in social, cultural and artistic activities.

A Summary of regular Activities at the Austrian Club:

Saturday Night: The Club facilities (Bistro, Bar and Café Mozart) are open from 6.30 pm, and a band provides music for dancing and listening on Saturdays from 8.00 pm to midnight. Music can range from typically European style popular and folk music, to swing, jazz, Latin, bush dance, world music, and other styles. Due to the variety of functions held it is advisable to make enquiries beforehand and secure a reservation. There is free entry for Guests & Members currently on Austrian National day, for other entry prices please refer to "what's on" Entertainment guide for full details.

Sunday: The Club and its facilities are open from 11.30 am. On many afternoons special events and concerts take place. For example, the Robert Stolz Society presents several concerts during the year (reservations through the Robert Stolz Society only) and so does the Australian Accordion Society.The Club also presents performances of visiting overseas artists from Austria. Reservations are also advised for major events such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. Some of the Club’s highlights are the Festivals it organises in the beautiful grounds of the venue, like the “Spring Festival” (March) . A cover charge applies to all concerts and major events. The remaining Sundays in the year offer a great afternoon for the whole family, with musicians providing entertainment for your enjoyment - all with a small cover charge. Please refer to the "what's on" page for details of the whole year ahead.

Weekdays: The Club is open for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays from 11.30 am - to 2.00 pm

Why not visit the Club and experience Austrian “Gemütlichkeit” first hand.
Not a member? No problem, just sign the visitor book at reception.
On the other hand, the Club always welcomes new members,
so find out just how easy it is to become one by clicking on the "membership" page.


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